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@Pochron Studios LLC 2017-08-04

Both Anne Collier and Leslie Hewitt are part of this amazing exhibition in Chicago! Stop by if your in town! The show is up until January 2018! https://mcachicago.org/Exhibitions/2017/Woman-With-A-Camera

@Pochron Studios LLC 2017-08-03

Just closing in Switzerland, Jessica Craig-Martin s back to back exhibitions Elements of Style & Social Security at Galerie Andres Thalmann was an absolute success! We love Jessica and not just because she spoils the pets with a bounty of treats and love! http://www.andresthalmann.com/CMS/en-GB/Exhibitions/Jessica%20Craig-Martin%20-%20Elements%20of%20Style.aspx?Sel=8

@Pochron Studios LLC 2017-08-02

We just finished up the printing of the 2017 Vice Photo show! Watch for details of the opening! As always, this is one of our favorite summer projects to work on! It is ALWAYS festive and this years photo issue will not disappoint! https://www.vice.com/en_us/topic/vice-magazine

@Pochron Studios LLC 2017-08-02

We are excited to have worked with Lisa Oppenheim on her upcoming exhibition A Durable Web opening September 7th at Tanya Bonakdar Gallery http://www.tanyabonakdargallery.com/exhibitions/

@Pochron Studios LLC 2017-02-27

We started out 2017 with a bang working on Ryan McGinley s exhibition Early which opens this week at Team Gallery! March 2nd – April 1st 2017 Reception on Thursday March 2nd at 6:00PM 83 Grand Street It will be a festive art week for sure! http://teamgal.com/artists/ryan_mc_ginley/exhibitions/362/early

@Pochron Studios LLC 2017-02-27

We closed out 2016 printing Ryan McGinley The Kids Were Alright . It is currently on view at Museum of Contemporary Art Denver! These images brought back memories of our early days working with Ryan! thehttp://teamgal.com/artists/ryan_mc_ginley/exhibitions/373/the_kids_were_alright

@Pochron Studios LLC 2017-02-24

One of our most festive clients (and friend) has a show opening March 3rd at Nathalie Karg Gallery! Come by and see Jessica Craig-Martin s exhibitilic Relatittp://nathaliekarg.com/?exhibitions=jessica-craig-martin

@Pochron Studios LLC 2017-02-01

It is so nice to have some good news for a change! Cynthia Talmadge got a Artforum Critic s Pick! Check out her exhibitives of Abse 56 Henry! https://www.artforum.com/picks/id=66222

@Pochron Studios LLC 2016-09-30

Come on out to HALSEY MCKAY Gallery in East Hampton Oct 8th from 2-5pm for the opening of HER WHEREVER!

@Pochron Studios LLC 2016-09-20

Hello to all my past and present Pratt students! Friends and family too! Come to Brooklyn next Thursday evening, Sept 27th to see “Piece By Piece” Pratt Photography Recent Alumni Exhibition! There will be a panel discussion from 6-7pm with a reception to follow. I am super excited to be leading the panel in conversation with Caiti Borruso, Elizabeth Nahum-Albright, Cait Oppermann and Sacha Vega! You know it will be a very festive discussion and evening. I would love to see you all so come on out in support! See the invite below for info….

@Pochron Studios LLC 2016-09-20

I am excited to have some of my new work included in this upcoming show! HER WHEREVER | October 8 – November 13 Curated by Sara Greenberger Rafferty & Sara VanDerBeek Michel Abeles, Becca Albee, Rachel Foullon, Anya Kielar, Annabeth Marks, Howardena Pindell, Julie Pochron, Eileen Quinlan, Sara Greenberger Rafferty, Sara VanDerBeek More on this later.... http://www.halseymckay.com/future-exhibitions

@Pochron Studios LLC 2016-09-19

It s our favorite time of the year! The Vice photo show! Come by and check out all the amazing photographers in this years exhibition! We really enjoyed working with Elizabeth Renstrom and Arturo Barragan printing the show this year! See you all in Williamsburg on Saturday....

@Pochron Studios LLC 2016-09-14

From Friday... Pygmy was pondering some of Matt Keegan s new work but as you see Noodles was just exhausted by all the comings and goings around here!

@Pochron Studios LLC 2016-09-13

Sara VanDerBeek s exhibiticed Quilts, Wrapped Fo opening this Thursday September 15th at Metro Pictures here in NYC! We are particularly proud of the work we did with Sara on this exhibition! Don t miss it! http://www.metropictures.com

@Pochron Studios LLC 2016-09-13

Goose is supervising all the jobs going out! Good dog! We have had a few Guggenheim acquisitions, exhibitions and sales going out the door this week and last! Our clients are awesome! Stay tuned for the Vice Photo Show and Sara VanDerBeek s opening at Metro Pictures! Matt Keegan too!

@Pochron Studios LLC 2016-08-29

We have been stupid busy and shame shame shame on us for our lack of social media! We would like to say it is because we were on the beach all summer but is would just be wishful thinking! We have so much news that we have to do it in small doses.... Stay tuned!

@Pochron Studios LLC 2016-07-15

Unfortunately we could not be in be in two places at once last night but another excellent show opened at Aperture! Matthew Leifheit and Cynthia Talmadge were included in the Summer Open curated by Charlotte Cotton! We love working with them on their stunning collaborations! A quick nod to Ryan Oskin for also being included in the exhibition! Don t miss this show! http://aperture.org/summeropen/

@Pochron Studios LLC 2016-07-15

Great show last night! xoxo to Stef Mitchell and Red Hook Labs! Come on down to Red Hook to see her beautiful work! Stop by Pioneer Works too! Derrick Adams closes this weekend, don t miss it!

@Pochron Studios LLC 2016-06-29

We are excited to have been printing some projects with Red Hook Labs in our neighborhood! We had the honor of working on images of Atong Atem for t African Photograhibition and coming up in a few weeks Stef Mitchell solo exhibitiome on down to Red Hook and check out all the art goings on! http://redhooklabs.com/gallery/stef-mitchell-girl/

@Pochron Studios LLC 2016-06-28

Ok ok ok, it has been awhile since we have posted! Our spring was full of amazing exhibions printed, packed and delivered such as Anne Collier in NYC and Berlin, Hanna Liden in NYC and LA, Eileen Quinlan NYC and London along with Matt Keegan who is so international we can not keep up with him just to name drop a few! There have been many more amazing shows spring now summer has been a blur! We have more exciting news so stay tuned....

@Pochron Studios LLC 2016-05-06

We just got a VERY big box delivered! Stay tuned.....

@Pochron Studios LLC 2016-05-06

Right now! https://www.salon94.com/exhibitions/detail/still-lives

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Pochron Studios is a photographic color-printing studio. We offer traditional and digital custom color-printing, scanning, and retouching.


Pochron Studios is a photographic exhibition print studio for the artistic community since 1995. Every project is a collaboration to suit both our clients’ vision and our meticulous printing standards. Julie Pochron oversees every project and each print that leaves the studio. Her fierce eye for and traditional color background creates the reputable prints of client work seen in the galleries and museums of New York and around the world.


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