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@Samiane Ltd 2018-06-15

To all our Muslim brothers and sisters all over the world, we congratulate you upon the successful completion of the holy Ramadan month and wishing you a joyous Eid day. Eid Mubarak. Team Samiane Ltd # Eid Mubarak # Samiane gifts

Workforce tips for 2018: A good diet is an essential element of a working individual. It is a preventive measure for disease that would otherwise compromise performance & yield unnecessary abseteism. Advise your staff to go for a balance diet. www.clearfocusconsult.com

All trading on the University Challenge portal has been closed. We are taking off a break to mark and judge. The winners will be announced and directly contacted. We thank you all for your participation. #USEUnivchallenge

#GorillaTrekking is quite invigorating. Visit Uganda and Rwanda for an upclose experience with these gentle giants. https://www.africanpearlsafaris.com/

@DigitalBlend 2017-12-19

Everything is fast paced in the first few weeks only to slow down as the year winds. It has been a great year working with Medilink Lab & Surgicals Ltd, Rusadia Florists and Decorations, Aragaki Bento, Strømme Foundation East Africa, Cato Litangen, Intraline Online to mention but a few. What an honor it has been!

One of the most controversial topics not always addressed by most HRs is GOSSIP in work places. It creates tension among employees, demoralizes your Teams etc. Employees who encourage gossiping in a work environment especially if they luck evidence, is a very dangerous habit for any company. I encourage gossip to be included in your HR manuals because it has no place in the work places or any where else on this planet. Happy Thursday smiling people!

@Top Finance Bank 2017-12-06

Have you thought about, how much you have been spending this year?

Click | Turn On #TugendeMuKikadde songs to relax calm and eventually sleep🎧

9 REASONS YOUR RESUME KEEPS ENDING UP ON THE BOTTOM OF THE PILE Sending in application after application can get frustrating quickly, especially if you’re not receiving any requests for an interview. Is it simply that every job opening is ridiculously competitive, or are you doing something wrong? Yes, it’s often the former, but it’s also probably time to go over your materials with a fine-tooth comb. Below are nine common resume mistakes job seekers make that keep them from making it to the next round. Are you avoiding all of these? 1. Keep irrelevant work experience off unless there’s no other way to show crucial soft skills that are necessary for this job. 2. In other words, make sure your resume is tailored to the job you want. 3. Get rid of generic filler phrases like “result-oriented” and “self-motivated” and give examples of those traits instead. 4. Additionally, focus on being able to describe hard skills and use keywords. Hiring managers and recruiters are looking for specific abilities; make it easy for them! 5. It’s time to drop unnecessary additions that just take up space, like an objective statement, your hobbies, and your references. 6. Does your resume come across as too “me, me, me?” Fix that. 7. Is your format professional enough? 8. It seems silly, but make sure your email address is professional. It’s shocking how many people still don’t. 9. Finally, read my lips: Proofread.

#BFPechaKucha Muhumuza Brian presentiContent is King and Content is Queen, then Experiential is their Crown Prince.

@My life my story 2017-11-30

The Hardest Thing To Find On Earth Is True Love & A Job, If U Gat One Pliz Keep It As Though Ts A Treasure. Happy New Month

@Fixit ug 2017-11-28

#iPhone7 #macbookair #softwarerestore #enterlastpassword👏🏽 #saviour @fixitug

@Mai Hosting 2017-11-15

January 2018 Updates. We are introducing; - Internet Radio Services (Online Radio streaming) - Free SSL Wildcard Certificates Mai Hosting - A Maven Server Company.

Safari time!!!! Disfrutar de la sabana en #Murchisonfalls desde nuestro coche preparado para la acampada no tiene precio!!!

#ankoleculture #kuhingira #nebathphotographyuganda

we have been working on a new project before we bring it to your attention. And now we are done with all the necessary research. Karic tech shop Abroad and receive in Uganda in just 12-14 days.

@Sky Design 2017-07-17

Be it, garden umbrellas, sun umbrellas or carbon fiber umbrellas, we can supply

@Kayoola Adverts 2017-06-22

It s here again, the KWERABITS 🍇Healthy Living Dinner🍗🍷! Chose to be apart of it this year! We Laugh😂, We Learn🤓 and We Dine!😋 ... Dress Code👔: 💃: Red and Gold 🤴: Black ... R.S.V.P: 0772-380894.

@Kampala 24/7 2017-02-11

A grade 2 kid was coming from school he entered the Taxi and he started singimy father was a King my mother will be a Queen and I ll be a Prie Taxi driver silenced the kid but the kid continumy father was the President my mother will be the First Lady and I ll be the First en with anger the taxi driver asked the kt if your father was a robber what will your mother be and what will youd the boy samy father was a robber my mother will be a prostitute and I ll be a Taxi driver 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Don t spoil the fun, share it over. But don t share with taxi drivers.😝😝😝😝😝😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🙈🙈🙈🙈

@Laanga Digital 2017-01-29

A well-researched list of 5 books that every Ugandan entrepreneur should read to gain skills that will help them manage their businesses better. https://goo.gl/WSZeZ6

@KEVE Enterprises 2016-12-14

KEVE this christmas has christmas offers, of cakes of the different flavours (red and blue vevlets, fruit cake , mud chocolate cake, mable cake, orange cake, banana cake ) and a discount of 5% If u are taking more than 1 cake order. Place your orders and tell someone who would love to order for cake. Please Call 0779191966.

Visiting Bwindi - Buhoma Section is Astonishing Sleeping at our best Safari lodges in our brand as a company and contracted Suppliers can t stop overwhelming Clients which is our Joy at #SafariUgandaInc Bwindi Lodge (Volcanoes Safaris) is one of the most exquisite Lodges around The pampering is just remarkable and unforgettable We happened to have been served by this Gentleman Name if not mistaken | #Richard whose way of service is just customer centric. Photo Credit | Volcanoes Safaris ____________________________________________________ Contact us [email protected] +256788540580

@Trinity Express 2016-08-13

Our buses specifically VIP do have WIFI& water dispenser. If you are looking to travel in comfort to Kigali/Goma.. #TrinityExpress is your choice.. #UgTravelMonth

@Flames 2015-12-17

Visit us this festive season for a relaxed spacious environment , sand bay n green space with a humble bar lounge only @ Flames :-) :-) with th most affordable rates this season

@Phiona Mirembe 2015-06-19

mirembeadvocates.com...we are finally up, running and fully functional! Allow us to celebrate this little milestone with you.