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@Mecca Print 2017-11-24

Custom made Sandwich Boards designed, printed and made by Mecca Print Trading

Elite Services wishes to extend its deepest condolences to the family of Ariel Bolah. There are no words to express the heartache we are all feeling for this innocent soul. We will work and do our part to assist in making Grenada a safer place for our children. Rest in peace Ariel.

@Art by Solanche 2017-11-04

Our Art for sale. Please support our inspiration. Thank you... Prices are reasonable and nothing beats original, authentic, and universal art... Making magic with our artwork! We love meeting and greeting, selling our art and networking with such beautiful souls. 😘🌈🌤❄️My art is far reaching and I’m beyond grateful. We delivered. #arpride #prideart #queerbeautifulpeople #soulestialbeings #blackartists #artbysolanche2017 🌈 ❤️😁💋🤗Queens - Created Creators. Sparks of The All! Sharing Light. Eternal. More Love! Lighter Higher Things. All. #jasandsol #artist #artists #capride #arcpride #blackartists #artbysolanche #soulestialbeing

Time goes so fast, 2 years to the day when my boat Jus Now was stolen.

@St. Rose Nursery 2017-03-23

The first flowers are now opening on those formerly leafless plants you have just seen, as they were on arrival.